Stem cell banking/Therapy


Banking/Deposit your young and healthy stem cells and prepare against cell injury.

Why is it important to deposit your stem cells now?

The number of stem cells and stem cell activity diminish as a person ages.
However, it should be noted that degree of stem cell activity determines the amount that can be cultured and not the effectiveness of the cells. This means older depositors may have fewer stem cells and the cells may be more difficult to culture, but cells cultured from their stem cells will not necessarily be any less effective. Bethesda Clinic’s technology alliance partner RNL Bio has developed a standardized procedure for culturing massive amounts of stem cells from just a small amount of source cells. How much you can benefit from stem cells in the event that you fall ill depends on how fast you can receive those stem cells into your system.
Because the necessary the amount of stem cells must be gained and cultured as quickly as possible, take too long and you can miss out on that small window of opportunity for effective treatment. This is why you should deposit your stem cells now.

Stem cell preservation process

Banking Process

  1. 脂肪及び血液採取
  2. 脂肪組織
  3. 冷蔵運送
  4. 血液検査、肝機能検査、無菌検査、マイコプラズマ検査実施
  5. 組織から幹細胞単離
  6. 酵素処理後幹細胞単離
  7. 幹細胞培養
  8. 顕微鏡観察
  9. 細胞培養(培養液の交換及び培養様子観察
  10. 保管及び投与前:エンドトキシン、無菌検査、性状、外来性ウィルス検査、確認及び純度試験(FACS)、分化試験
  11. バイアルに装填
  12. 液体窒素タンクに保管