Safety of stem cell/Fat derived stem cell is reliable and safe.

Fat derived stem cell is free of tumorigenesty (reported by Clinical research institute of SNU)
Fat derived stem cell is free of tumorigenesty (reported by Clinical research institute of SNU)
13-Week Toxicity Test on SCID Mice Carcinogenicity Test on BALB/c-nu Mice
  • Zero mortality, clinical symptoms not observed.
  • No change in weight or water consumption.
  • No significant hematological or serological change.
  • No particular change in urine and eye test results.
  • Sporadic variances in absolute organ mass and
    brelative organ mass were observed,
    but no histopathological issues were found.
  • Conclusion :
    No observed effect level is 2X108 cells/kg B.W
    [1X1010cells for a person weighing 60kg.]
  • No tumor was observed in a 25-week period.
    BALB/c-nu Mouseで発癌性試験
    Negative control
    MRC-5 (human fetal lung cell line)
    Positive control
    A375 (human malignant melanoma cell line)
  • Conclusion :
    No carcinogenic effect at 2X108 cells/kg B.W
    [1X1010 cells for a person weighing 60kg]
No single nucleotide mutation or change in karyotype was detected after 12 passages of fat derived stem cell cultivation.
Katyotype Katyotype Katyotype
SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms)
SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms)
NO. Sample ID Cell rate Reproducibility
1 P0 99.78% 100.00%
2 P3 99.90% 100.00%
3 P6 99.91% 100.00%
4 P9 99.93% 100.00%
SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms)
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Anti-tumor effect of stem cell
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